Volume 13 – 2022

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Table of contents: Volume 13, Issue 1, 2022

M. Moustafa, M. Abdallah, A. Abdrabou, H.M. Kamal
A Multi-Analytical Investigation of an Ancient Egyptian Painted Wooden Coffin from the Late Period

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 3-14

M.M. Ibrahim, W.S. Mohamed, H.M. Mohamed
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Traditional and Nano Paraloid B72 For Pottery Consolidation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 15-30

O. Lototska, V. Kochubei
Influence of Storage Conditions of Alabaster Monuments on the Nature of Surface Contamination

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 31-42

M. Haddadi, M. Afsharpour, M. Azadi-Boyaghchi, M. Sadeghi
Electrochemical Comparison of Phenolic Antioxidants in Conservation of Iron Gall Ink

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 43-56

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, Y. Ding
Fresco Wall Painting and its Regional Modifications

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 57-72

A.M. Abdelmoniem, W.S. Mohamed, N. Mahmoud, M. Abd Elfatah, A.M. Omar
Wooden Coffin Biodeterioration Assessment and its Restoration with Different Antimicrobial Substances

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 73-84

V. Zaitseva
Experience of Restoration of Murals of the Trinity Gate Church in Kyiv: Overview

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 85-94

C. Lluis-Teruel, J. Lluis-Ginovart
Methodology Impositione Primarii Lapidis: The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Tortosa

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 95-116

T. Tomaszek, C. Fry
Preserving Australia’s Timber Heritage – Some Preliminary Guidelines for the Conservation of Slab Huts

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 117-130

A.P. Kanth, M.R. Singh, K. Ganaraj
Spectroscopic and X-Ray Based Microstructural Investigation of the Early-Harappan Potsherds and Estimation of Firing Temperature from Kunal Archaeological Site, India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 131-146

Y. Ivashko, I. Buzin, I.G. Sandu, D. Kuśnierz-Krupa, J. Kobylarczyk, A. Dmytrenko, L. Bednarz
State-of-the-art Technologies of Imitation of Mural Painting from the Kyivan Rus and Baroque Periods in the Reconstructed St. Michael Golden-domed Cathedral in Kyiv

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 147-162

R. Ciesla
Application of Non-Invasive Forensic Methods of Document Research in Establishing Historical Truth

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 163-174

AV. Lăzărescu, B.A. Ionescu, A. Hegyi, C. Florea
Alkali-Activated Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Paving Blocks: Green Materials for Future Conservation of Resources

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 175-186

M.J. Achmad, N. Akbar, Supyan, R. Subur, T. Arai
DNA Barcoding and Phylogenic Analysis of Tropical Eels (anguilla spp.) Based on Partial D-loop and CYT B Genes in the North Maluku Pacific Waters

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 186-198

A. Zaman L. Badshah, S. Ullah, Z.A. Sajid, G. Jelani
Conservation Status and Threats Pattern of Narrow Endemics: A Case Study from Terich Valley, Hindukush Range, Chitral, Northern Pakistan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 199-212

E.E. Mnzava, A.A. Sirima
A Bibliometric Analysis of Human-wildlife Conflicts in East Africa

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 213-220

A.B. Suwardi, Z.I. Navia, T. Harmawan, S. Syamsuardi, E. Mukhtar
Importance and Local Conservation of Wild Edible Fruit Plants in the East Aceh Region, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 221-232

M.K. Jha, Y. Markande, D.K. Markandey
Restoration and Rejuvenation of Water Bodies Across Delhi-Ncr – An Overview

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 233-248

M. Apollo, V. Andreychouk, K. Rawat, J. Mostowska, T.E. Jones, R. Rettinger, K. Maciuk
Himalayan Nature-based Tourism. Challenges for Tourism and Protected Areas

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 249-266

S. Kariampilly Faizal, R.R. Rajan Sheela, P. Nilayangode
Status of Plant Bioresources utilised in Herbal Industries and the Need for Conservation in Kerala

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 267-278

N. Kot
Study of Vegetation Cover as a Tool for Biodiversity Protection in Urban Areas

[ Full Article – PDF] [ Additional Materials – Appendix] pp. 279-292

M. Kitahara, A. Ohwaki, T. Yasuda, S. Hayami, S. Maeda
Importance of Continuous Habitat-Level Monitoring Survey for Butterfly Conservation: Identifying Species of Conservation Concern on a Local Scale

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 293-306

H. Hadiyanto, U.Y. Arbi, R. Juanda, R. Subandi, N.D.M. Sjafrie
Evaluation of the Effect of a Marine Protected Area on Rocky Intertidal Molluscs in Weh Island, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 307-320

M. Siregar, A. Kurniawan, H. Hartutiningsih
Ex-situ Conservation of Flora Sulawesi in Indonesian Botanic Gardens

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 321-340

A. Sabdono, O.K. Radjasa, A. Trianto, M.T. Sibero, R. Kristiana, S.J.H. Larasati
Comparative Assessment of Gorgonian Abundance and Diversity Among Islands with Different Anthropogenic Stressors in Karimunjawa Marine National Park, Java Sea

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 341-348

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