Volume 13 – 2022

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Table of contents: Volume 13, Issue 1, 2022

M. Moustafa, M. Abdallah, A. Abdrabou, H.M. Kamal
A Multi-Analytical Investigation of an Ancient Egyptian Painted Wooden Coffin from the Late Period

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 3-14

M.M. Ibrahim, W.S. Mohamed, H.M. Mohamed
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Traditional and Nano Paraloid B72 For Pottery Consolidation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 15-30

O. Lototska, V. Kochubei
Influence of Storage Conditions of Alabaster Monuments on the Nature of Surface Contamination

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 31-42

M. Haddadi, M. Afsharpour, M. Azadi-Boyaghchi, M. Sadeghi
Electrochemical Comparison of Phenolic Antioxidants in Conservation of Iron Gall Ink

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 43-56

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, Y. Ding
Fresco Wall Painting and its Regional Modifications

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 57-72

A.M. Abdelmoniem, W.S. Mohamed, N. Mahmoud, M. Abd Elfatah, A.M. Omar
Wooden Coffin Biodeterioration Assessment and its Restoration with Different Antimicrobial Substances

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 73-84

V. Zaitseva
Experience of Restoration of Murals of the Trinity Gate Church in Kyiv: Overview

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 85-94

C. Lluis-Teruel, J. Lluis-Ginovart
Methodology Impositione Primarii Lapidis: The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Tortosa

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 95-116

T. Tomaszek, C. Fry
Preserving Australia’s Timber Heritage – Some Preliminary Guidelines for the Conservation of Slab Huts

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 117-130

A.P. Kanth, M.R. Singh, K. Ganaraj
Spectroscopic and X-Ray Based Microstructural Investigation of the Early-Harappan Potsherds and Estimation of Firing Temperature from Kunal Archaeological Site, India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 131-146

Y. Ivashko, I. Buzin, I.G. Sandu, D. Kuśnierz-Krupa, J. Kobylarczyk, A. Dmytrenko, L. Bednarz
State-of-the-art Technologies of Imitation of Mural Painting from the Kyivan Rus and Baroque Periods in the Reconstructed St. Michael Golden-domed Cathedral in Kyiv

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 147-162

R. Ciesla
Application of Non-Invasive Forensic Methods of Document Research in Establishing Historical Truth

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 163-174

AV. Lăzărescu, B.A. Ionescu, A. Hegyi, C. Florea
Alkali-Activated Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Paving Blocks: Green Materials for Future Conservation of Resources

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 175-186

M.J. Achmad, N. Akbar, Supyan, R. Subur, T. Arai
DNA Barcoding and Phylogenic Analysis of Tropical Eels (anguilla spp.) Based on Partial D-loop and CYT B Genes in the North Maluku Pacific Waters

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 186-198

A. Zaman L. Badshah, S. Ullah, Z.A. Sajid, G. Jelani
Conservation Status and Threats Pattern of Narrow Endemics: A Case Study from Terich Valley, Hindukush Range, Chitral, Northern Pakistan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 199-212

E.E. Mnzava, A.A. Sirima
A Bibliometric Analysis of Human-wildlife Conflicts in East Africa

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 213-220

A.B. Suwardi, Z.I. Navia, T. Harmawan, S. Syamsuardi, E. Mukhtar
Importance and Local Conservation of Wild Edible Fruit Plants in the East Aceh Region, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 221-232

M.K. Jha, Y. Markande, D.K. Markandey
Restoration and Rejuvenation of Water Bodies Across Delhi-Ncr – An Overview

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 233-248

M. Apollo, V. Andreychouk, K. Rawat, J. Mostowska, T.E. Jones, R. Rettinger, K. Maciuk
Himalayan Nature-based Tourism. Challenges for Tourism and Protected Areas

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 249-266

S. Kariampilly Faizal, R.R. Rajan Sheela, P. Nilayangode
Status of Plant Bioresources utilised in Herbal Industries and the Need for Conservation in Kerala

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 267-278

N. Kot
Study of Vegetation Cover as a Tool for Biodiversity Protection in Urban Areas

[ Full Article – PDF] [ Additional Materials – Appendix] pp. 279-292

M. Kitahara, A. Ohwaki, T. Yasuda, S. Hayami, S. Maeda
Importance of Continuous Habitat-Level Monitoring Survey for Butterfly Conservation: Identifying Species of Conservation Concern on a Local Scale

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 293-306

H. Hadiyanto, U.Y. Arbi, R. Juanda, R. Subandi, N.D.M. Sjafrie
Evaluation of the Effect of a Marine Protected Area on Rocky Intertidal Molluscs in Weh Island, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 307-320

M. Siregar, A. Kurniawan, H. Hartutiningsih
Ex-situ Conservation of Flora Sulawesi in Indonesian Botanic Gardens

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 321-340

A. Sabdono, O.K. Radjasa, A. Trianto, M.T. Sibero, R. Kristiana, S.J.H. Larasati
Comparative Assessment of Gorgonian Abundance and Diversity Among Islands with Different Anthropogenic Stressors in Karimunjawa Marine National Park, Java Sea

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 341-348

Publication date: March 15, 2022

Table of contents: Volume 13, Issue 2, 2022

E. Węcławowicz-Bilska, M. Wdowiarz-Bilska, E. Kráľová, M. Vaščák, Y. Kryvoruchko
Historical Timber Health Resort Architecture. Contemporary Condition and State of Conservation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 351-366

R. Hanus, P. Hladký, G. Vyskočilová
Ulrike Sophie Von Levetzow´s Jewels Collection: Identification and Restoration 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 367-380

S. Baiandin, Y. Ivashko, A. Dmytrenko, I. Bulakh, M. Hryniewicz
Use of Historical Painting Concepts by Modern Methods in the Restoration of Architectural Monuments

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 381-394

M. Atalaya, L. Póvoas, M.F. Macedo
Risk Assessment Applied to a Mineral Collection

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 395-416

J. Gyurkovich, K. Dudzic-Gyurkovich, F. Suchoń, J. Olesiak, B. Boba-Dyga, J. Stawiarski
Conservation of 19th Century Defensive Structure. The Case of Fort Swoszowice in Cracow, Poland  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 417-430

M. Aniszewski, G. Śnieżko
Conservation of Dried and Wet Archaeological Wood: The Example of the Remains of two Dugout Boats from the Eastern Section of the Lower Bug in Poland

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 431-440

I.C. Nicu, M. Granberg, E. Undall
Short Overview on International Historic Climate Adaptation of Built Heritage to Natural Hazards: Lessons for Norway  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 441-456

S. Shukla, L.P. Singh, A.K. Mittal
Dwelling the Heritage: Characterization of Lime Mortar and Bricks Used in Forest Research Institute, Uttrakhand, India 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 457-472

S. Baiandin, A. Pawłowska, O. Ivashko, O. Pryimachenko, P. Baiandin, M. Kokoszko, A. Dmytrenko, V. Pavliuk
Restoration, Operation and Inclusion of Museums in Large Cities with Noise Load  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 473-490

M. Abdallah, M. Moustafa, E.M. Morsi, G.R. Ali
Archaeometric Study and Conservation of a Goddess Bastet Statue from The Late Period of Ancient Egypt  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 491-514

M. Hassane, S. Azar, A. Rychkov, H.M. Ali
Restoration and Conservation of the Stone Tomb of Princess Elena (1799-1867)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 515-536

M.E. Osman, S. Ismael, E. Ciliberto, S. Stefani, Y.M. Elsaba
Evaluation of Microbial Deterioration of Silver Gelatin Photographs Stored in an old Photographic Archive 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 527-540

A. Barkani, A. Bouchareb
Correlation Between Spatial Configuration and Potential Human Behaviour in a Vernacular Fabric Undergoing Conservation Work. Case of Kenadsa Ksar in Algeria. 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 541-564

F. Faheem, L. Abdurrahim
Bioactivity of Three Indigenous Medicinal Plants (Ferula Asafoetida, Syzygium Aromaticum, and Mentha X Piperita) as Fumigants for the Control of the Skin and Skin-Product Pest (Anthrenus Verbasci) in Museums, Libraries and Archives  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 565-578

H. Bazazzadeh, A. Nadolny, K. Attarian, B. Safar Ali Najar, S. Hashemi Safaei
Evaluating the Attribute of Industrial Heritage in Urban Context on Natural Movement Distribution. The Case Study of Dezful City 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 579-592

J.M. Waga, B. Szypuła, M. Fajer
Heritage of War: Analysis of Bomb Craters Using Lidar (Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland)  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 593-608

K. Maciuk, M. Jakubiak, S. Sylaiou, J.H. Falk
Museums and the Pandemic – How Covid-19 Impacted Museums as Seen Through the Lens of the Worlds’ Most Visited Art Museums

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 609-618

D. Mostovshchykova
Calligraphy in Enamel Art: World and Ukrainian Experience

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 619-628

G. Lazareanu
Tzigara-Samurcas and His Contribution to the Preservation of Popular Objects and as a Museographer and Ethnographer  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 629-636

A.T. Subadyo, N. Aini
Development of Ecotourism in the Mangrove and Proboscis Conservation Area of Tarakan City – North Kalimantan – Indonesia 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 637-658

M.F. Aziz, A. Majid, Z. Saqib
Assessing The Role of Graveyards in Native Trees Conservation Along Modified Landscapes. A Case Study from Mansehra, Pakistan 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 659-670

I.A. Tagar, K. Shaikh, D.B. Mashori, W.A. Shabrani, G.S. Gachal,
F. Shaikh, H.N. Solangi, S. Samo
Diversity, Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians (Family Ranidae: Rafinesque, 1814 and Bufonidae: Gray, 1825) in Pakistan 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 671-678

M.Z. Haque, M.I.H. Reza, S.A. Rahim, K.N.A. Maulud
Assessing the Effectiveness of Hydromulching as a Rapid Soil Erosion Control Measure: A Study in Langat Sub Basin, Peninsular Malaysia  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 679-694

S. Sangpradid, N. Prasertsri, I. Aroonsri
Geographically Weighted Regression Modelling for Above-Ground Biomass Assessment from Satellite Imagery in Tad Sung Waterfall Park Forest, Thailand

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 695-704

G. Deak, N. Enache, L. Laslo, A. Rotaru, M. Matei, M. Boboc, C. Silaghi, S. Calin, A. Keresztesi, F. Kilar
CO2 Efflux Measurements on Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Context of Climate Change  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 705-716

Y.S. Chang, M.J. Kim, S.M. Kim
Convergence Analysis on the Fish Stock Status Index for 131 Countries 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 717-732

K. Gartsiyanova, A. Kitev, M. Varbanov, S. Georgieva, S. Genchev
Water Quality Assessment and Conservation of the River Water in Regions with Various Anthropogenic Activities in Bulgaria: A Case Study of the Catchments of Topolnitsa and Luda Yana Rivers 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 733-742

E. Holban, G. Deak, R. Matache, T. Dănălache, M. Matei, M. Boboc, M. Raischi, I. Gheorghe, A. Keresztesi, F. Kilar
Identification of Sturgeon Behavior in Different Hydromorphodynamic Conditions Resulting from the Implementation of Hydrotechnical Arrangements  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 743-750

Publication date: June 15, 2022

Table of contents: Volume 13, Issue 3, 2022

K. Pachuta, A. Bojęś-Białasik, M. Łyczak, J. Bromowicz, W. Wedekind, M. Szyma, J. Czechowicz
Conservation of the Late Romanesque Sandstone Portal of the Church of the Premonstratensian Convent in Kraków, Poland

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 753-770

A.C. Fariselli, S. Fiorentino, M.P. Morigi, M. Bettuzzi, I. Rimondi, K. Doppiu, M. Vandini
Archaeometric Analyses and Restoration of Silver Jewellery from the Punic Necropolis of Tharros – Capo San Marco (Sardinia, Italy) 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 771-792

F. Welc, K. Rabiega, I. Brzostowska, A. Wagner
From Field Survey to 3D Model – Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Studies of Historical Architecture: A Case Study of the Wyszyna Castle in Poland

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 793-804

R. Blazy, H. Hrehorowicz-Gaber, I.G. Sandu, A. Hrehorowicz-Nowak
Garden Cities and Heritage of the Howard’s Idea in Europe with Particular Consideration of Poland

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 805-822

M. Nassar, Z. Al-Muheisen, A. Al-Batayneh
Architecture of Herakleides Bath at Gadara Analysis and Comparative Study  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 823-840

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, I. Buzin, A. Dmytrenko, M. Krupa
Modern Technologies in Restoration of Architectural Monuments (On the Example of St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral In Chersonesos)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 841-854

R. Shaheen, A.M. Elserogy, S. Abd Elaa, M. Ali, A. Metwaly, M. Eida, A. Gad
Assessment of Growth Requirements of Biological Degradation on the Coating Gelatin Layer on Heritage Photographs  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 855-864

J. Bródka, M. Wałek
The Modernist Refugium: The Heritage of Polish Post-War Residential Architecture of Jerzy Ziętek’s Villa In Ustroń in the Perspective of Documentation Techniques 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 865-878

L. Varga, C. Baeră, A. Gruin, I. Ostrovsca
Creative Restoration Methodology on Pavements of Historical Objectives: Case Study – The Arad Franciscan Monastery  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 879-894

E. Skorbiłowicz, M. Skorbiłowicz, W. Rogowska
Temporal and Spatial Changes in Metal Contents of Arable Soils in the Bug River Catchment In 1995-2015 (Poland)  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 895-914

I.P. Scarlat, R.A. Stepa, M. Haiducu
Analysis of the Immune Status of Museum Employees to Assess the Level of Damage to Their Health

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 915-920

L.Y. Chen
Stylistic, Compositional and Artistic Features of the Expression of Sacred Works of I.G. Pinzel in Buchach 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 921-936

V.O. Osiele, C.O. Oke, O.A. Anani
Species Composition and Richness of Terrestrial Mollusks Inhabiting Limestone Hill and Lowland Forest Decline Macro Zone In Sub-Saharan Africa 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 937-948

N. Wijana, S. Mulyadiharja
Conservation of Useful Plant Species in the Bukit Kangin Forest, Tenganan Pegringsingan Traditional Village, Karang Asem, Bali 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 949-960

R. Rozirwan, F.Fauziyah, R.Y. Nugroho, M. Melki, T. Z. Ulqodry, F. Agustriani, E.N. Ningsih, W.A.E. Putri, A. Absori, M. Iqbal
An Ecological Assessment of Crab’s Diversity Among Habitats of Migratory Birds at Berbak-Sembilang National Park Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 961-972

G. Deák, M. Matei, M. Boboc, E. Holban, R. Prangate, R. Airini
Development of a Methodology for Monitoring Sars-Cov-2 RNA in Wastewater  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 973-980

K. Gartsiyanova, M. Varbanov, A. Kitev, S. Genchev, E. Tcherkezova
Water Conservation and River Water Quality of the Bulgarian Black Sea Tributaries

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 981-990

F. Seyedasgari, B. Asadi-Moghaddam, S. Sebestyen, R. Guillen
Feasibility of Using Non-Invasive Samples for Early Sex Determination in Falcon Chicks by Polymerase Chain Reaction

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 991-1002

S. Latifah, M.A. Sani, A.J.F. Simorangkir, Muhdi
Species Diversity and Carbon Storage of Undergrowth and Litter in the Agroforestry System of North Sumatera-Indonesia  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1003-1014

P.E. Cabrera, G.Y. Florez-Yepez, J.F. Betancur-Perez, Y.A. Garces-Gomez
Analysis of Disturbance Dynamics in Tinigua National Natural Park Using Time Series of Landsat Satellite Images 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1015-1024

P. Petrov, V. Stefanova
Bottom Ash Utilization in Reclamation of Disturbed Terrains  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1025-1036

M. Boboc, G. Deák, M. Matei, E. Holban, R. Prangate
Mathematical Modeling of Body Mass for Specimens of Huso Huso Specimens Tagged and Monitored in the Lower Danube 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1037-1042

H. Susiati, M.A. Widiawaty, M. Dede, A.A. Akbar, P.M. Udiyani
Modeling of Shoreline Changes in West Kalimantan Using Remote Sensing and Historical Maps

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1043-1056

S. Sheel, A. Tapwal, V. Rana
Antimycotic Activity of Weed Extracts on the Mycelial Growth of Botryodiplodia Palmarum

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1057-1064

N.A.M. Ridzuan, N.M. Noor, N.A.A.A. Rahim, I.A.M. Jafri, A.Z.U. Saufie, M.R.R.M.A. Zainol, M.A. Kamaruddin, G. Deák
Modeling of Particulate Matter (PM10) during High Particulate Event (Hpe) in Klang Valley, Malaysia  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1065-1078

E. Holban, G. Deák, R. Matache, T. Danalache, M. Boboc, M. Raischi, R. Prangate
Pilot Validation System of Breeding Habitats of Sturgeon Species

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1079-1084

Publication date: September 15, 2022

Table of contents: Volume 13, Special Issue 1, 2022

Guest editors: 

Publication date: November 15, 2022

Table of contents: Volume 13, Issue 4, 2022

Publication date: December 15, 2022