Volume 12 – 2021

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Table of contents: Volume 12, Issue 1, 2021

D. Lizun, P. Szroeder, T. Kurkiewicz, B. Szczupak

Examination of Painting Technique and Materials of Liu Kang’s Seafood and Hidden Self-portrait

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 3-26

Z. Al Saad, H. Al Sababha

Corrosion Study of Copper-Based Museum Objects for Long Term Preservation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 27-40

M. Monaco, G. Faella, M. Guadagnuolo

Analysis of Pozzolanic Mortars for Restoration

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 41-50

F.Z. Makhloufi, N. Hadj Mohamed, A. Hamouine

Intervention on Ksourien Inheritance: Between Planning and Autoconservation. Example Ksar of Kenadsa, Bechar, Algeria

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 51-66

M. Zaremba, J. Trzcinski, T. Szczepanski, A. Bobrowska, F. Welc

Influence of Deterioration on the Preservation of Mud Brick Architecture Based on the Monuments from the Tell El-Retaba Archaeological Site

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 67-86

S. Yazdani Mehr, S. Wilkinson

A Model for Assessing Adaptability in Heritage Buildings

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 87-104

R.T. Hamad, N.S.A. Al-Rahim, M.H. Moghazy, H.A. Al-Moneam

Explosion Effects on Archaeological Glass, Conservation and Protection Strategy

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 105-112

H. Bazazzadeh, A. Nadolny, A. Mehan, S.S. Hashemi Safaei

The Importance of Flexibility in Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Learning from Iranian Cases

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 113-128

S.M. Ghorai, N. Kapoor, A. Tiwari, S. Puri

Historical Perspective of the Sultanate Period Monuments and Their Conservation Using Biotechnological Tools

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 129-142

G. Lazareanu

Contributions of the Scientist Dimitrie Gusti to the Development of the Village Museum

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 143-154

M. Zmudzinska-Nowak, M. Krause, J. Brodka

Dissonant Heritage of Cold War Modernism or European Heritage of Modernist Architecture: Case Study of Residential Houses of Katowice, Poland  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 155-176

F. Fidan, S. Onur

Analysis of the Industrial Heritage in Zonguldak and Recommendations for its Reutilization

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 177-194

S. Stanc, A.D. Stanica, L. Bejenaru, M. Danu

Archaeological Animal Remains from Noviodunum Fortress

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 195-204

A.A. Butorin, N.V. Maksakovskiy, E.V. Trofimova

Landforms as A Pivotal Component of the World Natural Heritage Sites: Case Studies in Russia  

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 205-216

W.N. Shaziayani, F.D. Harun, A.Z Ul-Saufie, N. Samsudin, N.M. Noor

Three-Days Ahead Prediction of Daily Maximum Concentrations of PM10 Using Decision Tree Approach

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 217-224

A. Hegyi, C. Bulacu, H. Szilagyi, A.V. Lazarescu, D.E. Colbu, M. Sandu

Waste Management in the Context of the Development of Sustainable Thermal Insulation Products for the Construction Sector

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 225-236

B.O. Adetola, E.E. Ofuya

Evaluating the Mitigation Measures to Biodiversity Threats in Cross River National Park, Nigeria

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 237-246

A. Harahap, E.P. Mahadewi, D. Ahmadi, H.W. TJ, L.M. Ganiem, M. Rafika, A. Hartanto

Monitoring of Macroinvertebrates along Streams of Bilah River, North Sumatra, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 247-258

R. Basnett, A. Kumar

Preliminary Survey on Asiatic Black Bear in Sikkim Himalaya: An Outlined Plan For Conservation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 259-266

A. El Harim, E. Cherkaoui, M. Khamar, A. Nounah

Assessment of the Water Quality of the Bouregreg Estuary after the Depollution Project

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 267-280

A. Mukherjee, U. Singha Roy

Community Structure and Foraging Guilds of Winter Avifauna of an Urban, Perennial Wetland of West Bengal, India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 281-290

A. Sabdono, O.K. Radjasa, A. Trianto, M.T. Sibero, A. Martynov, R. Kristiana

An Ecological Assessment of Nudibranch Diversity Among Habitats Receiving Different Degrees of Sedimentation in Jepara Coastal Waters, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 291-302

A. Banciu, I.C. Moga, I.C. Covaliu, M. Vaideanu, D. Radulescu, G. Paraschiv, A. Datcu-Manea, M. Nita-Lazar.

The Role of Cellulose in the Conservation of HDPE Binding Specificity to Potentially Pathogenic biofilms from the Aquatic Systems

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 303-310

L.L.B. Cauper, F.R.M. Cauper, L.A. Oliveira

Biosurfactant Production by Rhizobacteria Isolated from Amazonian Soils

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 311-322

Publication date: March 15, 2021

Table of contents: Volume 12, Issue 2, 2021


M. Hefni, N.S.A. Al-Rahim, H.A. Al-Moneam, R.T. Hamad
Evaluation of Kemapoxy150 3D in Restoration of Archaeological Glass

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 325-334

M. Ali, E. Henin
Dating Vintage Hand-colored Real Photo Postcards: A Review and Applied Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 335-348

J.L. Silva, C.S. Barata, J. Pissarra
Limitations and Obstacles on Wood Identification from Sculptures – Analysis of a Set of Gilded and Polychromed Flemish Artworks from the 15th Century

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 349-360

I. Sandu, M. Orlenko, M. Dyomin, O. Ivashko, Y. Ivashko, C.G. Lăzăreanu, K. Paprzyca, I.G. Sandu, P. Sztabinska-Kalowska
Scientific Conservation of the Outstanding Theaters of the 19th Century and Their Influence on the Creation of Modern Art-Space

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 361-390

K. Bouzetine, M. Hamiane, P. Guibert, A. Brahmi, M. Belaidi
OSL Dating of Terracotta Bricks of the Old Mosque of Mila, Algeria: A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 391-402

A. Abdrabou, N.M.N. El Hadidi, S. Hamed, M.A. Betiha
Experimental Study on the Efficacy of Cleaning Systems for the Removal of Previous Conservation Treatments from Tutankhamuns’ Gilded Wooden Bed

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 403-416

A. Abd Al Kareem Bani Issa, M. Attia Mohie
The Conservation of an Oil Painting by Antonio Schranz, 1841 AD

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 417-428

S.A.K.M. Hamed, M.A. Maher
Observation on Hair Shafts of Some Royal Mummies in the Egyptian Museums

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 429-442

S.P. Gupta, A.K. Srivastava, I. Ahmed
Efficacy of Natural Plant Product for Preventive Preservation of Documentary Heritage Against Aspergillus Flavus: A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 443-450

M. Ali
Treatment of a Different Pattern of Insect Damage on Doum Palm Wood (Hyphaene Thebaica. L)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 451-466

R. Abou Elhassan
Hydrophobic Consolidants for Treatment of Granitic Sculptures at Tell Basta, Egypt: A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 467-476

A. Doluda, M. Kovalova, M. Terehov, N. Antonenkova
Icon-Painting with Time Trangressive Layers in Sloboda Ukraine During the Centuries

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 477-492

Z. Al Saad, M. Bataineh
Preventive Preservation Approach for the Preservation of Unique Early Neolithic Architectural Remains of the Archaeological Site of Beidha-Jordan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 493-506

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, D. Kusnierz-Krupa, J. Kobylarczyk, O. Ivashko
Conservation of the Residential and Public Architecture of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries (On the Examples of Kyiv and Cracow)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 507-528

A.S. Sandu
The Traditional Aerophone Instruments, Past and Future

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 529-544

S. Hidayat, U. Muawanah, I.M. Pabuayon, M. Ridwansyah
Benefits of Marine Conservation Program: An Impact Evaluation Approach

[ Full Article – PDF] pp.545-598

H. Makhiya, E. Birhane, S. Tewolde-Berhan, H. Abrha
Efficacy of Protected Areas in Conserving the Present and Future of the Cordia Africana (lam.) in Dry Lands of Ethiopia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 559-570

M.Z.M. Nomani, R. Parveen
Legal Connotations of Biological Resources and its Ripple Effect on Conservation Research in India and Abroad

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 571-576

M. Iqbal, D. Mulyana, F. Hasudungan, H. Martini, Y.R. Noor, A. Setiawan, Y.A. Mulyani, I. Yustian, H. Zulkifli
Population Size and Trend of Asian Dowitcher Limnodromus Semipalmatus in Banyuasin Peninsula, Sumatra, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 577-584

S. Hariyanto, R.K. Ainiyah, E.S.W. Utami, L. Hapsari
Genetic Diversity and Network Within Dessert Bananas (Musa Acuminata cv. AA and AAA) Inferred by Newly Designed MATK Marker

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 585-598

E. Bogea, R.G. dos Santos, M.V.V. Ramos, I.P.P. de Menezes
High Diversity and Low Genetic Structure of Remnants from Hancornia Speciosa Gomes in two Savanic Formations of the Cerrado Biome in the State Park of Serra de Caldas Novas – Goiás

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 599-612

R. Van Der Merwe
Shark Fishing in the United Arab Emirates: A Conservationist’s Plea for Enhanced Protection and Sustainable Species Management

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 613-624

S. Withaningsih, Parikesit, H. Nurislamidini
Management Strategies of Palm Sugar (Arenga Pinnata) Production on Extreme Landscapes of Rongga, West Bandung Regency

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 625-640

M. Lesnic, D.S. Stefan, I.C. Moga, M. Stefan
Uncompresive Requirements for Drinking Water Hardness: Conservation Indicators

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 641-646

A. Atim Nchor, A. Assam, P.C. Nnadi
Assessment of Wildlife Law Enforcement Practices in Cross River National Park, Nigeria

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 647-658

Publication date: June 15, 2021

Table of contents: Volume 12, Special Issue 1, 2021

 with selected articles on Conservation Approach to the Environment in the Engineering Sciences
Guest editors: Prof. dr. Małgorzata PAWŁOWSKA & Prof. dr. Artur PAWŁOWSKI

M. Pawlowska, A. Pawlowski

Foreword by Guest Editors

[ PDF ] pp. 661-663

A. Pawlowski

Environmental Engineering Versus Climate Change and Protection of the Environment

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 663-680

E. Wojciechowska, M. Gajewska, N. Nawrot, M. Kilanowska, H. Obarska-Pempkowiak

Combination of Architectural, Environmental and Social Aspects in Urban Stormwater Management. A Case Study of the University Campus

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 681-700

M. Mrowiec, E. Ociepa, I. Deska

Role of Extensive Green Roofs in Water Management in Urban Drainage Systems

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 701-712

A. Pieniaszek, E. Wojciechowska, E. Kulbat, N. Nawrot, J. Pempkowiak, H. Obarska-Pempkowiak, K. Czerwionka

Stormwater as an Alternative Water Source: Quality Changes with Rainfall Duration And Implications For Treatment Approaches

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 713-730

M. Włodarczyk-Makuła, A. Popenda, E. Wiśniowska

Removal of Emerging Contaminants and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Wastewater in the Aspect of Water Protection

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 731-744

P. Suchorab, D. Kowalski

Water Resources Protection by Controlling Water Supply Network Leakages

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 745-754

S.M. Kvaterniuk, V.G. Petruk, V.F. Frolov, V.E. Onyschuk, W. Wójcik, L. Pawłowski, S. Smailova, A. Kalizhanova

Restoration of the Southern Bug River Ecosystem by Removing the Biomass of Higher Water Plants

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 755-764

A.M. Czechowska-Kosacka, G. Niedbała, P. Kolarzyk

Influence of Fly Ash Addition on the Immobilisation of Heavy Metals in Sewage Sludge

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 765-780

P. Rydzewski

Between Environmental Protection and Technology: Europeans’ Ecological Attitudes

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 781-792

A. Montusiewicz

Bioaugmentation as a Method Limiting the Toxic Effect of Mature Landfill Leachate Co-digested with Sewage Sludge

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 793-804

A. Malec, M. Garbacz, B. Klimek, L. Guz, P. Golianek, Z. Suchorab

Damages Caused by Microorganisms in Historical Buildings on the Example of a Multi-Family Residential Building 

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 805-816

M. R. Dudzińska, A. Staszowska

Assessment of Chemical Pollutant Levels in the Indoor Air of Straw Bale Homes. A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 817-826

M. Iwanek

Application of Ripley’s K-Function in Research on Protection of Underground Infrastructure Against Selected Effects of Suffosion

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 827-835

J. Wiater, D. Łapiński

Assessment of Total Phosphorus Content and its Fractions in Municipal Sewage Sludge

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 836-846

Publication date: August 20, 2021

Table of contents: Volume 12, Issue 3, 2021

P.V. Alfieri, C. Mohamed, G. Canosa
Nano/Silane Impregnation System for Wood Protection from Biotic and Abiotic Factors

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 849-868

R. Carvalho, L.O. Cortina, M.E. Araújo, E.Pérez-Marín, A.M.S. Bailão
Study on the Impregnation of Laropal A81 to Consolidate the Wood Support in Easel Paintings

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 869-878

R.R.A. Hassan
A Recently Discovered Corn Mummy In Ibis, South Of Abu Sir, North of Saqqara 2018: A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 879-892

H.A. Al-Gaoudi, R. Iannaccone
Multiband Imaging Techniques Incorporated into the Study of Dyed Ancient Egyptian Textile Fragments

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 893-906

W. K. Elghareb
Deterioration Diagnosis and Treatment of Some Pottery Objects from Tell Atrib, Qalyubia, Egypt

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 907-920

F. Groppi, D. Vigliotti, L. Lanteri, G. Agresti, A. Casoli, S. Laureti, M. Ricci, C. Pelosi
Advanced Documentation Methodologies Combined with Multi-Analytical Approach for the Preservation and Restoration of 18th Century Architectural Decorative Elements at Palazzo Nuzzi in Orte (Central Italy)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 921-934

Y. Ivashko, A. Korovkina, I. Yermolenko, V. Tovbych, D. Kusnierz-Krupa, J. Kobylarczyk
Finishing Materials for Facades and Interiors of Art Nouveau Buildings. Examples of Ukraine and Poland

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 935-960

M. Ali, M. Fawzy
The Effect of the Vapors of Clove and Lavender Oils on the Chemical and Optical Properties of Silver Gelatin Prints in Wood Frames

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 961-976

J.M.C. Cayme
Chemistry of Lime Mortared Rubble Masonry in Bohol, Philippines

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 977-986

S. Hemeda, M. Maged, N. Makram, N. Hosny, H. Sayed
Numerical Damage Assessment in Saraya El-Adl Citadel, Cairo, Egypt due to October 12, 1992 Dahshuor Earthquake

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 987-1002

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, P. Chang, Y. Ding, M. Krupa, K. Kusnierz, I.G. Sandu
The Specificity of the Restoration and Monument Protective Measures for the Preservation of Historical Chinese Gardens

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1003-1026

M. Asaduzzaman, S. Hameem
Grading Built Heritage Through Multi Criteria Decision Making: The Case of Rajshahi

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1027-1032

K. Jez
Total Loss Cores in the Aspect of Monuments Protection

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1033-1040

S.T. Widodo, A. Purwantoro
Social Conservation Models in Ancient Javanese Manuscripts from the 19th Century

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1041-1052

P. Dobhal, V.K. Purohit, J. Chauhan
High Frequency Plant Regeneration from Fully Mature Shoot Portion of Nardostachys Grandiflora dc

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1053-1060

SM. Silva-Poma, L. Castillo, R. Elias, J. Peralta-Argomeda, A. Huamantico-Araujo
Water Quality of the Habitat of two Endangered High-Andean Frogs Using Aquatic Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators

[ Full Article – PDF] pp.1061-1076

S.A. Shakrani, A. Ayob, M.A. Ab Rahim, S. Alias
Utilization of Thermally Activated Water-Washed Kaolin Particles Towards Mineral Resources Conservation

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1077-1090

J. Sethy, N.S. Chauhan, M.K. Murthy
Estimating Mammalian Abundance and Occupancy in Tropical Forest Indian Himalaya, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Mizoram, India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1091-1106

C. Prasad, R.C. Sharma, R. Kumar
Faunal Diversity: Status, Threats and Management of Kedarnath Valley, Garhwal Himalaya, India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1107-1128

Y.P. Paulangan, D. Sutrisno, D.G. Bengen, A. Fahrudin, T. Subarno, Z. Affandi
Conservation Zonation Design of Coral Reef Areas in Depapre Bay, Papua Province, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1129-1138

M Budeanu, E.N. Apostol, L. Dincă, I.M. Pleșca
In Situ Conservation of Narrow Crowned Norway Spruce Ideotype (Picea Abies Pendula Form and Columnaris Variety) in Romania

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1139-1152

F. Edineide Lima Barbosa, J. Falcão Sobrinho, C. Lima Almeida, D. Matos Silva
Hydrogel Associated With Soil in a Semi-Arid Environment

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1153-1162

J.R.D. Apdohan, S.O. Lopez, R.A. Seronay
Willingness to Pay Towards the Conservation of Ecotourism Resources at Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1163-1170

I. Paun, D. Mitru, C.I. Covaliu, G. Paraschiv, G. Nechifor, I.C. Moga, A. Datcu-Manea, M Nita-Lazar
Biodegradation of Anionic and Cationic Surfactants Using Bacterial Strains from Activated Sludge

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1171-1178

T. Budiyanti, Sunyoto, Noflindawati, Makful, R. Prihatini, D. Fatria, Hendri, L. Octriana
Genetic Variability of Single, Double and Three-Way Cross Hybrids in Papaya (Carica Papaya)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1179-1188

Publication date: September 15, 2021

Table of contents: Volume 12, Issue 4, 2021

S. Flores-Larsen, M. Hongn, M. Valdez, S. Gonzalez, C. Gea-Salim
In-Situ Determination of the Wall’s Thermal Properties for Energy Retrofit in a Colonial Heritage Building: The Cabildo of Salta, Argentina

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1189-1208

Y. Ivashko, K. Kuśnierz, M. Krupa, P. Gryglewski, A. Dmytrenko, I. Sandu
Ways of Performance and Preservation of Monumental Art Works on the Facades of Architectural Monuments of the 19th – Early 20th Century

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1209-1230

M. Hassane, H.M. Ali, T. Nazel
Consolidation of Archaeological Limestone and Improving its Chemical and Physical Properties

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1231-1248

I. Sandu, Gy. Deak, Y. Ding, Y. Ivashko, A.V. Sandu, M.A. Moncea, I.G. Sandu
Materials for Finishing of Ancient Monuments and Process of Obtaining and Applying

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1249-1258

H. Khamseh
Examination of Erosion in Usage of Chemical Antiseptic in Historical Papers Documents

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1259-1266

M. Zmudzinska-Nowak
Heritage as a Palimpsest of Valued Cultural Assets on the Problems of Frontier Land Architectural Heritage in Turbulent Times. Example of Poland’s Upper Silesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1267-1288

Gy. Deak, M.A. Moncea, I. Sandu, M. Boboc, F.D. Dumitru, G. Ghita, I.G. Sandu
Synthesis and Characterization of an Eco-Friendly Material for Stone Monuments Preservation Starting from the Eggshells

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1289-1296

M. Nassar, M. Arinat, A. Obeidat, J. Al-Daire
Geometric Mosaic Patterns Design at Madaba. A Comparative Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1297-1308

Y. Ding, I.G. Sandu
Genesis of Images and Technique of Ancient Chinese Wall Painting

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1309-1326

W.K. Elghareb
Analysis and Restoration of Pottery Artefacts from Tell El-hir, North Sinai, Egypt. A Case Study

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1327-1342

A.G.M. Ali
Orientation and Vision for the Sustainability of Heritage Sites. A Case Study of Port Said City

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1343-1354

M. Orlenko, Y. Ivashko, W. Niebrzydowski, H. Trammer, M. Krupa, K. Paprzyca
Restoration and Preservation Procedure of Architectural Monuments. Railway Stations with Monumental Art of the Socialist Period (on the examples of Ukraine and Poland)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1355-1376

A. Macchia, H. Aureli, I.A. Colasanti, L. Rivaroli, O. Tarquini, M. Sabatini, M. Dattanasio, L. Pantoja Munoz, M. Colapietro, M.F. La Russa
In Situ Diagnostic Analysis of the Second Half of XVIII Century “Morte di Sant’Orsola” Panel Painting Coming from Chiesa Dei Santi Leonardo e Erasmo Roccagorga (LT, Italy)

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1377-1390

N.A. Abd El-Tawab, R.A. El-Hassan
Technical Examination and State of Conservation of Wall Painting at the Theban Tomb TT15 at Dra’ Abu El-Naga Necropolis, Western Thebes, Luxor, Egypt

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1391-1406

M. Abdelbar, S. Ahmed
Conservation Treatment and Analytical Study of Egyptian Gilded Bronze Statue of Seated Osiris

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1407-1420

S. Behera, S. Mohapatra, S. Nayak
An Ecological Assessment of Major Groups of Faunal Biodiversity in Gahirmatha Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, East Coast of India

[ Full Article – PDF] pp.1421-1440

M. Naqash, A. Hussain, I. UL Haq, S. Shah, H.M. Usama
Comparative Assessment of Carbon Stock in Chir Pine Natural Forest Shinkiari and Man-Made Plantation Parachinar, Pakistan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1441-1454

C.A. Kwiatkowski, L. Pawłowski, E. Harasim, M. Pawłowska, W. Cel, A. Czechowska-Kosacka, A. Pawłowski, G. Zhou
Enhancement of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Forest

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1455-1466

H. Ullah, A. Hussain, M. Nizami, U. Ullah, S. Shah
Ecotourism Impacts on Forest Landscape and Attitude of Communities in Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1467-1482

R.F. Agniy, T.N. Adji, A. Cahyadi, A. Nurkholis, E. Haryono
Artificial Tracer Test for Characterisation and Conservation of Karst Water in Jonggrangan Karst, Java Island, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1483-1502

A. Sajjad, M. Rais, S.M. Ali, M. Imtiaz, M.I.A. Khan, A. Islam, W. Qadir
Urban Herpetofauna and Public Attitude Towards Their Conservation in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1503-1514

M. Zikra, H. Ikhwani, A.K. Wardhani
Assessment of Mangrove as a Natural Beach Protection in Surabaya Coast, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1513-1526

M. Apollo, V. Andreychouk, J. Mostowska, Z. Jin, K. Maciuk, R. Rettinger, T.E. Jones
Himalayan Nature-based Tourism. Potential, Regional Diversity, Nature Conservation and Touristic Load

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1527-1546

H. Hendrik, M. Fauzi, T. Ramadona, A. Hendrizal, I. Effendi
Local Wisdom and Conservation Status of Tor Thai Mahseer Fish (Tor Tambroides Blkr) in the Batang Haluan River, West Sumatra, Indonesia

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1547-1556

I.D.G.A.S. Pranditha, A. Gunawan, A. Munandar
Balinese Traditional Home Garden Concept Based on Traditional Manuscript

[ Full Article – PDF] pp. 1557-1568

Publication date: December 15, 2021